How to Qualify

Dental Assistance Program

Helping Hands of Tennessee Dental Program helps low to moderate income individuals receives affordable access to dental care.  Our prices are based on a sliding fee scale based on income limitations and guidelines.  We offer a range of general services such as dental extractions, fillings, dentures, flippers root canals, crowns and a host of other available dental service options.

In order to qualify for dental assistance, your household income cannot exceed 200% of the federal poverty level.  You must complete an application for assistance.  Applications can be mailed, faxed or delivered in person prior to your dental appointment.  

Proof of income per household is needed to determine eligibility.  Household is considered any parties that are responsible for or contributing towards your household expenses.  We accept the following types of proof of income:

  • Last (2) paycheck stubs
  • Tax Return
  • Awards letter from federal or state
  • Social security statement

Once an application has been approved, you will be scheduled for an initial appointment which includes an X-ray, evaluation/exam and any applicable follow up instruction. 

All Medicare beneficiaries are required to meet with a Medicare specialist prior to sliding fee scale approval.  Medicare specialist are licensed brokers who are trained on all Medicare options that are available.  

After you complete your initial appointment, you'll receive follow up instructions from HHT''s patient care representatives.  Due to the type of recommended treatment plan, you may have more than one dental visit required in order to complete your treatment.

Medicare Beneficiaries

If you are eligible for Medicare with Medicare Part A and Part B, you may qualify for a Medicare Part C plan option which includes a dental plan for little or no extra fee.  

Medicare Part C plans could offer you dental, vision, hearing, gym membership and a host of other benefits for little or no cost.  

However, some Medicare beneficiaries do not know how these options work or afraid that they will loose their Medicare benefits.  

Helping Hands of Tennessee offers no cost Medicare workshops so that consumers can optimize their full benefits and save money on their medical cost. 

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